Month: May 2018


Why Am I Not Losing Weight Even On A Diet?

When you are trying to lose weight, initially you will experience a good amount of weight loss happening. For almost everyone, at one point of time the weight loss process stops and does not move further. This is generally termed as “hitting the plateau” in the fitness world. For some, the weight loss process continues without giving any sort of sign to the individual. This makes them think that they are not losing weight though they continue to lose weight. Even in a day, the body weight fluctuates owing to the food and drinks you consume, the hormonal changes and also the amount of water your body holds for the day. There is also a possibility of gaining muscle as you lose fat and this makes you feel that you are not losing weight.

To know the level of fat in your body you can perform the body composition test once in a month. Programs like Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers help you lose weight at a steady rate. When joining these diet programs, you will be given a lot of suggestions for losing weight effectively. If you are not experiencing any weight loss when following the diet you will get solutions from expert counselors. Likewise, Weight Watchers also conduct weekend meetings and evaluate your weight loss process. You can address your concerns there and get suitable suggestions. However both the diets are different and have their own diet strategies.

When you are on a diet, it is must that you are aware of what you eat. Studies have proven that people who track what they eat lose more weight than the people who do not track. Secondly, if you are not losing weight probably you are not eating protein. Protein is an important component for losing weight as it keeps you feeling full for a longer time. It also reduces your cravings for snacks and other junk foods that tempt you. The other possible reasons that you are not losing weight are – you are not eating whole foods, you are eating too many calories, you are not weight lifting, you are not doing cardio, you are not sleeping enough, you are not drinking water and you are not cutting carbs.…