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Know more about top synthetic motor oil

The life of your car engine and mileage depends on the quality of engine oil you use, to a large extent. This is now gaining fast popularity among many automobile owners throughout the world. First it was a standard oil as long as you had it with you it was a great thing to do on your journey. Then came the synthetic oils and now the top synthetic oil for your car engine. Now it is gaining popularity that there are several available in the market and it is tough to choose one from so many products. Here is a small guide to help you know more about best motor oil before you make your selection.

Factors to consider before selecting the top synthetic motor oil

  1. Viscosity – As synthetic oils are a mixture of various lubricants with different compositions for flowing resistance. So these products have a number called as the SAE viscosity number that informs about the product clearing of energy conservation test. The first numeral is on how fast the oil flows at 0 degrees and the second number is about summing up the viscosity at 212 degree Fahrenheit.

  1. Catalog – The products generally come with a label or a catalog. Read them for necessary instructions and tips on what type of car engine to use it on. There are various types of synthetic motor oil generally formulated for high tech car engines.

There are various types with different compositions including lubricant, dirt resistance, climate resistance, flow resistance, etc. They are also made for diesel run car engines, high mileage delivering car engines, motorcycles & other automobiles, and newer car models. Hence you must go through the catalog. or label that comes with the synthetic motor oil to select one that is best suited to your car.

Using a top synthetic oil for your car engine optimizes overall car performance.

Purchasing the best synthetic oil for your car engine means more money, but this would also help to keep your car engine going longer. Regular change of oil gives a healthy engine and avoids car mechanic charges too. However, if you use the top synthetic motor oil for your car the number of times to change your car oil also will reduce. So it also saves you time and effort. A top quality synthetic oil will also clean your car engine of old deposit from long lasting oil remains.

It keeps the car engine from sludge and gives a smooth running also. Another great advantage is that it is of great use in high temperatures and these chemically formulated lubricants resist breaking down due to high temperatures and resist friction from high power engines. Some compositions also help to keep away contaminants from other chemicals.

If your car engine is very new then keep away from using synthetic oil for your new car engine. There are also some synthetic oil blend products due to which, after usage, it brings out rust and dirt due to usage of additives. Each product uses compositions of blends and additives. Hence, know more about the synthetic motor oil before using it in your car engine.…