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Choosing A Good Dog Flea Collar

The wellness of your pooch is unmet without wearing a good flea collar that is responsible for keeping the pesky pests, especially the fleas at the bay. Not only these are bothersome but also can cause health hazards and hence, it is important to safeguard your pet from these gnarly by procuring one of those best dog flea collars of the market that guarantees ultimate protection all the times. But, is the idea of finding the best flea collar for your dog daunting you? Thankfully, not anymore as you can utilize the below-mentioned recommendations that can guide you in choosing the right dog flea collar for your adorable dog!

  • Size

First and foremost is to find a suitable size that fits your dog perfectly without irritating it by any means. Also, the flea collar mustn’t be easily reachable for your dog that prevents them from ingesting the medication that is not meant for their oral consumption. Therefore, not too big or too small but the required is necessary to properly safeguard your dog in every possible way.

  • Material

The material should be a non-irritable one for your dog to be free from any discomforts or rashes. If you get a durable material that is also water-resistant you need not care too much about the maintenance and can last longer without hurting your wallet!

  • Medication

It is always better to choose those flea collars that contain medications when compared to the ones that emit toxic gases or the ones that emit ultrasound waves. It is because the latter ones have got mixed reviews and hence, apart from being ineffective can also be inappropriate for your dog. Again, under the medicated ones you can either choose the chemical ones or the herbal ones, whichever feels comfortable for you and your dog in every way. But, always stay away from chemicals like TCVP that are harmful to you and your lovable pooch!